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Baharat means nothing other than “spice” and is a traditional and incredibly versatile spice mixture from North Africa. Our Baharat 'Chicken' is specially formulated for chicken dishes.

The mixture gives dishes and meals a wonderfully spicy oriental touch and is traditionally briefly fried in butter before the other ingredients are added.

Our Baharat is made in our spice factory according to sophisticated and well-kept recipes before it ends up coarsely ground in our ceramic pots. This way the valuable essential oils and aromas are preserved. It should be finely crushed in a mortar and cooked shortly before use. Alternatively, Baharat can also be crushed very finely and used as a table seasoning.

Useful information:
Baharat is primarily used in Syria, Morocco, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan. It is also often found in Turkish cuisine and Middle Eastern dishes. There is no original recipe nor can it be accurately dated when it was first used. Baharat behaves like an Indian curry: the composition and number of spices varies from region to region.